Our Live Hard Story

Ian was 14 when he ended his life by suicide. There’s not one person in his circle that could say they saw the signs or that he shared his struggles. In fact, to the outside world Ian would be the kid that you imagined had it all. He had an extraordinary gift of fostering deep connections that knew no limits.  He was creative with his camera, loving with his friends and family, and pretty damn good at anything he tried. Which could have been a new sport, a new instrument or whatever new thing he was into at the moment. He will forever epitomize the embodiment of sheer coolness.

The community still lives in the shock and trauma of his suicide. And through telling Ian’s story, we became acutely aware that the missing ingredient to his survival was to voice the hardest parts of living . Sharing his story with transparency and vulnerability gives us the chance to connect to those that feel like Ian did. Our Live Hard Story started with Ian, but continues to be an open invitation to everyone we meet to share more than just your highlight reel.

Ian remains a luminous presence and lives on in our vision and values.

Our Vision

Ian left us a legacy. In his writing, in his last message, he directed us to adventure and take risks and above all Live Hard. Through our unwavering dedication and resilience, we strive to empower those in darkness. By fostering a community of support and understanding; we can create a world in which every person's journey is met with compassion, hope, and the courage to Live Hard.

  • Adventure

    We passionately go through life finding new and exciting experiences that brings us true happiness. Go out and live the life you've always dreamt of as a kid.

  • Passion

    We approach every individual with unwavering empathy, understanding, and kindness, recognizing the significance of their struggles.

  • Community

    We foster a sense of belonging and create a supportive community where individuals can connect, share their stories, and find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

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